The history of Kirkgate Parish Church goes back many centuries. The current building being used dates back to 1866, but the congregations forming it’s history can be traced back to the late 1600’s.

Why Kirkgate?
Kirkgate is the name of the walkway running behind the existing building, and the North Ayrshire Heritage Centre (formerly the North Ayrshire Museum) located at the top of Kirkgate was the original Ardrossan Parish Church, before it eventually moved to become what is now Saltcoats St Cuthbert’s Church.

The current building, when opened, was known as the West United Presbyterian Church, before becoming Erskine United Free Church, and eventually just Erskine Church. In 1993 there was a Union between the Landsborough and Trinity Church and Erskine Church, when it became known as New Trinity Church.

Barony St John’s congregation dates back to 1844. It started out as the New Ardrossan Parish Church, before becoming the Barony Church in 1929. In 1987 there was a Union between the Barony Church and St John’s Church to form the congregation of Barony St John’s.

In 2013, the congregation of Barony St John’s found themselves with major problems with their buildings and therefore a Union was proposed between them and Saltcoats New Trinity, using the Saltcoats buildings, whilst retaining some form of presence in Ardrossan. This new congregation is now known as Ardrossan and Saltcoats Kirkgate Parish Church.

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